About TexDale Uk Ltd

Welcome to Texdale UK LTD.

Based in the North of England, Texdale has emerged to extend its production and distribution across continents. Texdale, as a chemical production company owns a recognition for the high standards and cost-worthiness of its products. It is an upright name in the production and supply of Textile Chemicals. We, at Texdale, are equipped with devoted, experienced, and accomplished technicians, backed up by a competent sales team with great motivation. Texdale produces and supplies a wide variety of standard and specialty textile chemicals encompassing Pretreatment, Dyeing, and finishing, including water repellents & oil repellents.


Our product range for pretreatment ensures an optimal cleaning of natural and chemical fibres in short and efficient processes. Our product range also includes many products for pretreatment.

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Dyeing Auxiliaries

With our extensive product range you can get the utmost out of your colours. Our dyeing auxiliaries impart the desired depth and brilliance to colours. They help for the necessary colour fastness and for maintaining their colour without fading – so that brilliance and colour depth are preserved for a long time.

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Our finishing agents are an indispensable component in the textile finishing chain. Aside from latest stylish handle effects, they allow for special performance properties of fabrics or applications for textiles.

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Denim Washing

Customers benefit from our integrated product offering at all stages of laundry processing. This includes auxiliaries for spraying, coating, bleaching, combined processes and finishing. With a wide range of green screen and blue finder listed laundry chemicals, we provide a sustainable solution for beautiful and trendy denim wash effects.

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Special Finishes

We offer you a balanced product mix of well proven auxiliaries as well as innovative and individual solutions. Together with our coatings we offer extensive features for technical textiles for all common standards and beyond.

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We’re dedicated to reducing our affect on the planet and delivering extra sustainable products and solutions to our customers.


No matter your product is, we develop options for it: our product vary presents technical options for a variety of buyer necessities.

Sustainability Framework

  • Health, Safety and Security
  • Environmental Performance
  • Energy Efficiencies