Products Key Functions
Dalesoft-VM80 A cost effective, high solid micro emulsion silicone softner
Dalesoft-NYD20 A highly concentrated micro-emulsion for all types of fabrics
Dalesoft-MAC Macro emultion for durable and wash resistant fineshes
Dalewash-A50 A cost effective collidal based dispersing and washing agent for reactive dyeing.
Dalesoft-VM22 This product delivers soft and smooth handle with excellent drape as well as conferring improvements in crease recoverey, sewability, fabric strength and abrasion resistance.
Dalesoft-VMH Silicone micro emulsion for use in harsh processing conditions
Dalesoft-NS1 Silicone semi-micro emulsion for an ultra smooth handle
Dalesoft-W1C conc Hydrophilic micro emulsion silicone softner and anti static agent
Dalesoft-KNB A cost effective hydrophilic micro emulsion softening for towel
Dalesoft-PDY This product imparts good anti-static properties along with effective hydrophilic features
Dalesoft-SL-30 A non-ionic polyethylene based softener which improves sewability
Dalesoft-SL A non ionic modern, high quality and cost effective polyethylene softner
Dalesoft-HPE Superior grade high density polyethylene wax emulsion for sewablility improvement
Dalesoft-SLW A very cost effective primary polyethylene wax based softener
Dalesoft-SOL Fatty acid based catonic softener