Natural fibers and synthetic fibers contain primary impurities that are contained naturally, and secondary impurities that are added during spinning , knitting and weaving processes. Textile Pretreatment is the series of cleaning operations.All impurities which causes adverse effect during dyeing and printing is removed in Pretreatment process.

Pretreatment processes include desizing, scouring, and bleaching which make subsequent dyeing and softening processes easy. Uneven desizing, scouring, and bleaching in the pretreatment processes might cause drastic deterioration in the qualities of processsed products, such as uneven dyeing and decrease in fastness.

Effective method for best result

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Sequestrants & Chelating Agents

Sequestering agent are employed in a number of applications such as builders in detergent formation to eliminate interfering effects caused by dissolved metal salts, particularly calcium or magnesium salts. Sequestering agents are also employed in other applications requiring control of metal ion content in aqueous solution such as waste water treatment, potable water conditions, micro-nutrient solubilization, gas conditioning, photographic development processing catalysis of chemical processes, finishing and conditioning of textile, etc.

The present invention relates to a novel composition of matter having utility in the sequestering or complexing of metal ions particularly calcium and / or magnesium ions. More particularly, the present invention is unique combination of water – soluble aminopolyacetate demonstrating improved chelating properties

  • Prevention of pinhole formation due to catalytic oxidation caused by iron during bleaching (chelates iron / heavy metals).
  • During dyeing, it prevents spots, shade change and unevenness by chelating heavy metals and dispersing impurities.
  • Improved rinsing due to the scale inhibition (effective at low concentration such as its presence in rinse bath).
  • During fabric preparation sequester also provides iron chelating to prevents fabric / yarn damage and provides additional stabilizing effect on the hydrogen peroxide.
ProductsKey Functions
Dalesequest-VFNHighly active, supreme, multi stage verstile sequestrant agent.
Dalesequest-VMMLow cost, nitrogen free sequestrant, dispersing and leveling agent.
Dalesequest-G5000Highly concentrared multi function sequestration agent.
Dalesequest-RVNLow cost, multi functional, sequestrant agent.
Dalesequest-EHLSequestrant agent, Specially meant for dyeing of metal dyes such as turquoise
Dalesequest-IRGHighly cost effective glucose based iron sequestrant.

Peroxide Stabilisers

Hydrogen Peroxide is gently exchanging other oxidative bleaching processes.
The reason of it’s superiority

  • Since it’s by products are only water and oxygen, it is an Eco friendly agent.
  • It is a versatile and universal bleaching agent. It can be used at almost any temperature, in batch or continuous processes for almost all the fibers.
ProductsKey Functions
Dalestab-OSPAll round high performance organic stabiliser for Hydrogen Peroxide bleaching.
Dalestab-OCBCost effective version stabiliser for Peroxide Bleaching.
Dalestab-EPMOrganic stabiliser for hydrogen peroxide bleaching.

Detergents & Scouring Agents

ProductsKey Functions
Daleclean-WA600Low foaming multi functional non-ionic wetting agent.
Daleclean-WA501Exceptional emulsification and removing of waxi and oily contaminants.
Daleclean-DZ300Non-ionic low foaming detergent and scouring agent.
Daleclean-DZ200Non-ionic detergent which exhibits excellent wetting properties and suitable for enzyme desizing.
Daleclean-D550Very low foaming, nonionic deaerating agent.
Daleclean-KOFHighly alkaline stable wetting agent for mercerising.